About Us

StorTrack is a product of Aggregate Intelligence, Inc (Ai). Ai is a US-based global technology company specialising in identifying, extracting, processing and delivering external data into business intelligence systems. Ai provides solutions and services to companies around the world in numerous markets including self-storage, air travel, hospitality, car rental, ecommerce, finance and logistics.

The goal of StorTrack is to provide self-storage operators, owners and investors with the data they need to make better decisions. Our flagship product Optimize is the world’s only pricing intelligence solution for the self-storage industry. It presents up-to-date market data in an intuitive business intelligence solution that enables users to react to changing market conditions. As pricing becomes a more sophisticated tool used by companies to drive demand and capture customers, self-storage operators around the world are turning to StorTrack to ensure they are adequately equipped to compete in their markets. In the USA, 40% of operators use StorTrack on a daily basis to check and react to local market pricing. Leading operators in Australia and Europe also use StorTrack to gain competitive advantage.